School Workshops

Many of the Tropical Entertainers we represent also work in schools and in particular our African, Caribbean and Asian performers. Throughout the UK, both in Primary schools and Secondary schools you will find artists as diverse as African drummers and dancers, Caribbean steel drum players, dancers, storytellers, poets and calypsonians, Indian Dhol drummers and Bollywood dancers, performing and teaching their skills to children in and outside their own communities.

They offer learning that has invaluable social benefits. Simply put, by exploring the history and diversity of their arts with children they promote the level of communication and understanding required of this and future generations in a modern multicultural, multi-ethnic local and global society.

Such workshops are interactive and a lot of fun for the kids and are tailored to suit the school’s permanent staff who may have particular requirements with regards to the school’s timetable, curriculum and the children’s needs. Here are some  video clips of our artists in school workshop action.

Drum Workshops

Drumming is the most accessible way of making instrumental music irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity and ability. This inclusivity is part of the magic of this way of making music, especially in the contexts of community engagement where a sense of belonging and contribution is essential.

Whether working in schools or with adult groups, drumming is a positive outlet for creative expression that transcends wrongly perceived barriers to participation like language, gender and ability. Our drummers, be they African, Asian, Caribbean or Latin American bring authenticity to this learning environment.

Whilst there are many wonderful white English drum teachers who both play and teach ethnic drumming very well, we believe that the cultural enrichment gained from the learning experience from, for instance, an African drumming lesson is enhanced by a class run by a teacher who is actually African! Take a look at some wonderful drum workshops here.

Corporate Team Builds

We provide talented facilitators for ethnic arts team building sessions and fun workshops for both public organisations and businesses. We understand the different demands of this special kind of music workshop and know how to organise team building effectively, according to the numbers of participants and the time that is made available to us.

In these interactive team building sessions work colleagues will have to learn from each other, recognising the skills in each other that will best achieve the common musical goals that we set them to foster the motivation, communication, support and trust within a team that is required for successful team performance.

These activities can be structured as purely fun activities for cultural diversity understanding or more competitive goal-focussed ones which also include prizes to be won. We trust that our clients will be the ones picking up the tab for free 5 star vacations to tropical destinations, however... Please see some of our artists in team building action here.