Indian Bhangra Dancers

We're confident we supply our clients with the very best when they hire Indian entertainers from us. Among our Indian artists, we have wonderful Indian Bhangra Dancers we can book for events nationwide. These groups practice an art form that originates from the Punjab. It's hardly surprising, then, that their colourful and exciting harvest folk dances are very popular in the sub-continent. However, thay are also popular with UK audiences, too. With one or two drummers backing them our Bhangra groups of between 4 and 8 dancers will dance, chant and play other percussion instruments as they energetically perform.

Our Bhangra Dancers’ costumes are very brightly coloured and feature headdresses, sequins and jewellery. These wonderful costumes complete the authentic bhangra experience. Given that, it is an experience which is ideal for weddings, ball receptions and any other special occasions.


Indian Dhol Drum Entertainers

These fabulous Indian dhol drummers, called dholis, may accompany other performers like Bhangra Dancers. But they also play individually or in traditional Punjabi dhol drum groups, independently. It's fair to say that the drums are very loud and attention-grabbing and will excite any crowd. If you haven't already done so, you must witness our beautifully costumed Dhol Drummers play their wonderfully authentic bhangra rhythms.

Our Dhol Drummers are ideal for festivals and occasions that require a procession followed by a big entrance. That entrance works equally well for a couple's small wedding as it does for a CEO at a corporate event.

Finally, you might be looking for more than just an exciting short set of live music. You might, perhaps, require some further time with the musicians teaching guests some basic drumming in a workshop situation. If so, this is one of the best choices available if you're looking to hire Indian entertainers!


Bollywood Dancers

The people of India and their diaspora are fascinated by storytelling and traditional mythology. This fascination has found expression in their film industry. The music and dance of Bollywood entertainers in India is independently hugely successful and popular. Not just in India, but with international audiences including, of course, the UK .

Our excellent Indian Bollywood Dancers will bring all the spicy excitement, colour and fun of Bollywood to your event. They have great experience in performing at weddings, parties and corporate events in addition to their TV and film work. These versatile Bollywood Dancers produce traditional and contemporary dances with their beautiful costumes and choreography for you. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of performance and interactive teaching packages that you can choose from.