Limbo Dancers

Limbo Dancers are now very rare in the UK, but we represent the best there are. Two of those are the male London-based Nyambu and the female Birmingham-based Phoenix. They both grew up learning acrobatic skills in their youth and are renowned throughout Europe, Asia & the Gulf States. Available as solo performers with an optional fire-eating segment- our Limbo Dancers can perform fully self-contained with their own backing music and also with Carnival Dancers or even a live steel band to back them.

Steel Bands

We have a wide variety of different steel bands available nationwide. Whilst we exclusively represent Solid Steel - the UK's premier professional steel band- we also have many other UK steel bands on our roster. If you want a chilled, sophisticated ‘background' set or a lively vocally-led dance floor-filling performance Solid Steel would be ideal, if available. But we can also provide solo, duo and other packages from other fine Steel Band entertainers who you can see  in action here.

Reggae Bands

We exclusively represent a great Bob Marley tribute band called Trenchtown Experience and the wonderful We Be Jammin’! a reggae covers band! So we have a lot of experience in booking reggae bands for weddings, private parties and corporate events. But we do have other great reggae cover acts throughout the UK that play all the ska, reggae and poppy reggae hits we all know and love. For a Caribbean-themed event we recommend that any reggae band we provide can also play all the uptempo calypso and soca hits to fill your dance floor. Take a look here at more of our performers who play great reggae.