Manager of Tropical Entertainers

Tropical Entertainers is a special selection of authentic independent and inter-related performing artists based in the UK. They are tropical because these artists are from Africa, Asia, Polynesia, the Caribbean and Latin America. They are also professional and are available to hire for live and virtual performances. These performances include weddings, other events, television, film and also recording work. In addition, this site will introduce you to publicity material that includes media demonstrating their outstanding talent. This media is heavily weighted towards live video footage. This is because we believe in good information that will better inform prospective clients of what the artists' live performances lool like. After viewing this publicity, interested parties can book these artists through the artist management company that represents them. This company is Cherry Ripe Management.

Cherry Ripe Management is a management company that represents authentic performing artists of all kinds including the Tropical Entertainers showcased on this site. Cherry Ripe exclusively represents several of these acts and has independent websites for them. You can access these via Cherry Ripe Management's own website here. The head honcho of the company is Paul Cherrie.

Paul Cherrie has 28 years of experience in artist management and 40 years of experience as a professional artist himself. Though born in England, he self-identifies strongly with the culture of his father’s Caribbean homeland, Trinidad and Tobago.

He has embarked on a lifelong journey to bring the sunshine and joy of performances by talented UK artists from ethnic minority backgrounds to brighten the lives of UK and international audiences.