Zulu Drum & Dance Entertainment for hire

When clients hire Zulu entertainment they usually hire drummers and dancers. That is because Zulu drummers and dancers are popular for small events like weddings. Nonetheless, they are equally popular for large events like festivals.

Shosholoza is our foremost professional Zulu Arts group. Consequently, they are very busy at events throughout the UK. There, they perform the extraordinarily powerful traditional drum rhythms, dance, and song from the Zulu nation at the very heart of South Africa.

With their stunning traditional costumes they present pieces which can include Shangaan, Xhosa and Sotho styles. However, it is the vibrant energy and intensity of Zulu dances, drumming and chants that most of our clients request. Of these dances, our Zulu group can even provide the rare but popular gumboot dance!

Zulu Choirs

Another example of Zulu entertainment hire would be the Zulu Choirs from South Africa. These small vocal groups sing a capella male choral music called isicathamiya. This term is derived from the Zulu word meaning "to walk or step on one's toes lightly". They perform in the style of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the group celebrated for their work on Paul Simon’s Grammy award winning album, ‘Graceland’.

Our premier Zulu choir, Amabutho, are a fine example and show great versatility. They can also drum and provide a gumboot dance too along with their excellent group choreography. If you'd like to hire Zulu entertainment, this group will never disappoint. Please see and hear the wonderful harmonies of Zulu Choirs here.

Zulu Acrobats

Zulu Acrobats are a quite rare example of Zulu entertainment hire. Nevertheless, they are often available from us- and when not available we can provide other African acrobats in Zulu costume. Most of these performers are circus-trained and from Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya. Whether you require a walkabout performance from just 1 or 2 performing acrobatic hoop diving, plate spinning, juggling and limbo or a whole team of 5 or 6 that’s able to form human pyramids, we can supply the most professional ones who are self-contained and provide their own authentic African backing music.