Open Mic Jazz

Wherever you are in the world jazz music has a following. Here’s an idea to make your party stand out. A band that brings live band karaoke (‘jazzaoke’?) to your event. Is there going to be a Karaoke King of Swing at your event who  fancies himself as another Sinatra or Buble? Or a Karaoke Queen who’s a fan of Ella Fitzgerald’s and Amy Winehouse’s Jazz and Blues stylings?

With a crack shot band, ace crooner Mister PC will perform his own inimitable choice of Great American Songbook tunes. However, he will always spice these up with some global jazz or world music selections. This means that apart from GAS tunes, there will be Caribbean and Latin American flavours included. Following that, he will open up the mic to host audience members joining in the fun. They can then join in singing or playing any one of the songs from the band’s 1000-plus repertoire. Check Mister PC & Friends in Open Mic Jazz action here.

Latin Jazz Music

Global Jazz acts that play Latin Jazz can divided into two main groups. The first fuses jazz with salsa and the second fuses jazz with samba.

One great example of that second group is ‘Los Cariocas’. This is a group of London-based Brazilian musicians and singers who play genuine Brazilian Samba-Jazz and Bossa Nova and sing in their native Portuguese.

Jazz and samba have enjoyed a very healthy relationship since the 1960s. Consequently, the music of great songwriters such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Gilberto and Jorge Ben is now internationally famous.  Likewise, Braziian performers such as Sergio Mendes, Astrud Gilberto and Gilberto Gil became global superstars.

Los Cariocas pay tribute to their rich cultural heritage using conventional Western instruments alongside typical Brazilian folk instruments such as the Cavaquinho, the Berimbau and the Cuica to produce their exciting and authentic sound. See and hear them play some great Latin Jazz here.

Caribbean Jazz

We have several Global Jazz bands that share both Caribbean and jazz influences in their musical style. ‘Island Breeze’ is a great guitar and steel pan duo whose quality can be witnessed here.Cantaloupe Island’ is a bigger band that specialises in jazz using authentic Caribbean-flavoured rhythms. Those rhythms include reggae and the more Latin-flavoured calypso. These musical flavours, tinged with funk, help them to play the very coolest smooth tropical jazz.

We can provide you with a line-up that best suits you, whatever sized packages you prefer for your event. As a result, whether you require a sophisticated background set or a lively dance set, we have the artists for you. Consequently, we will provide your ideal Caribbean Jazz band playing music that will leave your guests impressed with your eclectic choice!