Salsa Tropical

Salsa Tropical is a collective of wonderful authentic artists whose musical passion is infectious. Lively and accessible, our band will bring a vibrant spark to the Cuban rhythms like son, rumba, cha-cha, merengue and mambo that are fundamental to its spicy musical salsa.

From a small ensemble to a full-size band including a scintillating brass section and fronted by extrovert singers, this band will delight any audience. Furthermore, they can provide the finest salsa dance couples in beautiful costumes too- with a bit of fun audience participation included, of course! Please explore their salsa music videos here.

Brazil Tropical

This group provides a stunning authentic Brazilian show full of colour, energy, sensuality and sweet music featuring the very finest Brazilian musicians and dancers. From the sophisticated jazz of the bossa nova to the modern sounds of samba, and lambada fused with reggae, zouk and funk, this group performs with costumes and an energy that will take your breath away!

This can include a fabulous marching all-percussion bateria group, a band playing and singing all your favourite Brazilian songs, the fabulous combination of martial arts and dance called Capoeira and even the ‘Tonhao do Pandeiro’ (The Tambourine Show). Brazilian show performances can be found here.

Mariachi Autentico

Mariachi Autentico will bring you all the authenticity you would want from a genuinely Mexican band- added to all the fun of a Doritos ad- playing an extensive repertoire of authentic Mexican Mariachi music along with some English pop/classics, unless expressly told to stay traditional! Our group can play unplugged, roaming and serenading tables freely or play in a set staging area. Whether it's entertainment for your wedding, birthday or corporate function, these guys will make a real fiesta of your event and will happily play your song requests. Tequila! Please sample some Mariachi performances here.