Bhangra Dancers Hire FAQs

Your questions about the hire of Bhangra Dancers answered!

Bhangra Dancers photo1) What is bhangra dancing?

ANSWER: It's Punjabi folk dancing from the harvest festival of Vaisakhi.

2) Should I just have dancers when I hire bhangra?

ANSWER: No, it’s best if you include a dhol drummer or two in the group for the most authentic ‘live’ experience. Of course, the dancers can dance to backing music rather than 'live' dhol drummers. But while this may regardless of that, keeping the music ‘live’ will make the act an even more exciting spectacle.

3) Are your bhangra groups famous?

ANSWER: Within their own communities our bhangra groups are very well-known as they will have successfully performed in competitions and at national and international events such as the opening ceremonies of sporting events as well as a wide variety of World Music festivals including Womad and Glastonbury.

4) Are bhangra dancers energetic?

ANSWER: In a typical bhangra performance, you will hire several dancers and they will execute vigorous kicks, leaps and bends of the body. So the answer is ‘yes, bhangra dancing is enegetic!’

5) How many Indian bhangra dancers do I need to hire?

ANSWER: If you’re able to….the more the merrier. We can provide teams of different sizes, but we most commonly hire out 6-8 people.

6) Are bhangra dancers a good option for my wedding?

ANSWER: Yes, absolutely- as the dancing is joyous and celebratory.

7) Are Indian bhangra dancers a good option for my company’s event?

ANSWER: Yes, they have considerable experience of performing at corporate events. Furthermore, bhangra performances tend to be very interactive with the dancers involving their audience with some of their easier moves!

8) Do Bhangra dancers offer workshops or teambuilding?

ANSWER: Yes, Bhangra drummers and bhangra dancers do a lot of work in schools and at corporate team building events.

9) Are all the dancers male?

ANSWER: Bhangra originates from a very patriarchal society in India where male farmers performed the dance. In the UK we can now offer some more modern groups as an option that do include women. Many of these modern groups integrate bhangra into contemporary popular Asian Culture. So they mix it with other styles of music like Bollywood, hip hop, house and reggae.

10) Can I learn to bhangra dance online?

ANSWER: Yes, we can direct you towards bhangra companies that offer this as a service. Bhangra is widely recognised as a great way to get fit and a lot more fun than going to the gym!