Dhol Drummers Hire FAQs

Your questions about dhol drummers hire answered!

Dhol Drummers playing1) What is a dhol drum and who do I hire to play one?

ANSWER: A dhol drum is an Indian two-headed barrel shaped drum. You can hire a drummer called a dholi to play the drum. He or she wears it worn on the shoulder and plays it with 2 sticks. One of those sticks is a dagga and he or she uses it to play the drum on the bass side. Meanwhile, a stick called a tilli will play the other treble side. Dhol drums are very loud, which is ideal for celebration and spotlight moments.

2) How many dhol drummers do I ideally need to hire for my event?

ANSWER: Two is the most common number of dhol drummers clients tend to book for an event, but more drummers really do heighten the experience in terms of sound and spectacle.

3) Will my party’s guests want to dance to the dhol drums?

ANSWER: It’s a very exciting sound and if they are not dancing to it they will most certainly be clapping along to the beat!

4) Is it a good idea to hire Dhol Drummers for my wedding reception?

ANSWER: They are very popular at Indian weddings in particular, but would be equally effective at anyone’s wedding.

5) Can I request a song from your dhol drummers?

ANSWER: They play beats rather than melodies, but I guess you can play that request in your head while the dhol drummers are playing.

6) Does the band use other instruments with the drums?

ANSWER: The larger dhol drumming groups use other different sized drums for more sophisticated beats and a fuller sound.

7) The drums look very large. Will I need a lot of room for their performance?

ANSWER: You will need no more than 1m x 1m for each dhol drummer- which isn’t very much at all.

8) Are all the drummers male?

ANSWER: Within the Punjabi community, culturally it’s the norm for dhol drummers to be all-male.

9) Can dhol drummers play as a mobile unit rather than just on a stage?

ANSWER: They are always mobile even when they are staged as the dhol drum is a portable instrument and is played that way- which means they are ideal for processions and parades.

10) Are dhol drummers good for my event if I want audience participation?

ANSWER: They would indeed be the right kind of group for you. Our dhol drummers involve their audiences in dancing, clapping and parading after them while they play. They also have a lot of experience in running workshops both for children in schools and for adults at parties and corporate events. Some of these corporate events may have an Indian theme and include other Indian entertainers.