Zulu Choirs FAQs

Your questions about the hire of South African Zulu Choirs answered!

Zulu Choirs FAQs1) What is the most well known Zulu Choir I might hire for an event?

ANSWER: Internationally we would have to say that it’s Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the group celebrated for their contribution to Paul Simon’s Grammy award winning album, ‘Graceland’. However, there is a more affordable alternative. Our own ‘Amabutho’ here in the UK have a great reputation and have performed at several high profile events.

2) Can I hire just one or two performers from a Zulu choir?

ANSWER: Although these Zulu choirs are very small, they do usually perform as a 6-piece or an 8-piece. Occasionally, they even perform as a 4-piece. But one or two cannot produce the harmonies necessary for this style of singing.

3) Do they perform to backing tracks?

ANSWER: Yes, but this can detract from the authenticity of a Zulu vocal performance which really should be a capella.

4) Do they wear Zulu costumes?

ANSWER: Yes, they will always wear costumes that are indicative of the Zulu nation.

5) Are there female as well as male members of Zulu choirs?

ANSWER: Zulu artists- be they male or female- have many performance skills. They can all drum, dance and sing at the level of any other professional African artists we represent. However, a Zulu choir that just dedicates itself to vocal performances is far more likely to be all-male.

6) Do the performers need lots of space to perform?

ANSWER: Not really, but the more space given to them will give them licence to do more in terms of their Zulu dancing, because any Zulu choir will have its own choreography. We would advise that you allow a minimum of 2 square metres of staging area for each individual performer.

7) Would a Zulu choir be a good option for my corporate event?

ANSWER: Yes, it could provide an excellent cabaret show. If it’s like Amabutho and uses drums as well or other Zulu arts, you can use it in other shorter impact performances at your event, which will provide you with even greater value for money.

8) Would a Zulu choir be a good option for my wedding ceremony?

ANSWER: Yes, but unless you are South African it would be unconventional. And that would be great as you and your guests would surely remember it fondly in years to come. If you have specific song requests that aren’t suitable for a Zulu choir however, we do have other choirs, not all of which are African or even Gospel Choirs. Although, of course, we do have these as well.

9) Can a Zulu choir perform the ‘Gumboot dance’ too?

ANSWER: Yes, it can do. Please specify what specific performance art you would like to see and our choir will accommodate you. But please be aware that if you hire a Zulu choir, the vocal performance must be the largest element of its show..

10) Is there any audience participation?

ANSWER: Yes, our Zulu choir is interactive and will always invite audience members to get involved with some simple choruses (think ‘A-weema-weh’ from ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’) and some dance actions.