Steel Drummers FAQs

Your questions about the hire of marching Steel Drummers answered!

Steel band parading1) Who are the PRN Steel Drummers I can hire?

ANSWER: They are a collective of steel pan players who play their steel pans ‘pan roun’ neck’ ie. whilst wearing their steel pans- which allows them to parade and play at the same time.

2) Where does ‘pan roun’ neck’ come from?

ANSWER: The Caribbean island of Trinidad which is the home of the steel band and where the ‘steel pan’ or ‘steel drum’ was invented.

3) Are all PRN Steel Drummers from Trinidad?

ANSWER: No. The practice of playing steel pans like this is very popular outside Trinidad and especially within European countries like the UK and Switzerland.

4) Aren’t the steel drums heavy to carry?

ANSWER: Yes, some are very heavy and unsuitable for strolling with for long distances or over a long period of time, but for most parades this isn’t an issue.

5) Are PRN Steel Drummers suitable to hire for carnivals and street parades?

ANSWER: Yes, they are very popular and give a flavour of the Caribbean to any community event.

6) Are PRN Steel Drummers suitable for corporate events?

ANSWER: Yes, because they are a great ‘impact’ act- far more than static steel bands. They can be used to open corporate events or to play around tables, serenading mariachi-style. Similarly, they work very well at sporting events and have played at numerous football grounds and racecourses in the past.

7) What kind of music do PRN Steel Drummers play?

ANSWER: For parading purposes uptempo calypso styles are best and they can play most popular melodies in this style!

8) Are PRN Steel Drummers all professional musicians?

ANSWER: Some of them are from professional Caribbean steel bands like Solid Steel, but not all of them are. As a result you may afford them more if you require a large number of them. Their amateur players will know 2 or 3 songs well and will parade playing them for you. However, for special song requests and a bigger repertoire you may need to hire their professional steel drummers!

9) Do PRN Steel Drummers perform in costume?

ANSWER: They will always perform in uniform and can perform in specific costume or colour schemes upon request.

10) Are PRN Steel Drummers authentic?

ANSWER: The art form is very authentic, but the PRN Steel Drummers you hire will reflect the ethnic and gender diversity of the UK communities from which they are drawn rather than the ethnic and gender make-up of an equivalent band in Trinidad!