Ska Tribute Band FAQs

Your questions about the hire of Ska Tribute bands answered!

Ska Tribute band1) How many people do I need to hire with a Ska Tribute Band?

ANSWER: Our Ska Tribute Bands are typically bands of 6 performers, at least. Larger sized bands than this can include horn players which is a crucial part of the sound of 60s ska music.

2) Will your Ska Tribute Band play my favourite ska songs?

ANSWER: Yes, if you let them know which ones in advance. They may, however, not be able to learn any special requests if they are songs that they have never played before and your booking is a last minute one!

3) Are all your Ska Tribute Bands authentic?

ANSWER: Yes. These bands always have a 2-Tone or Mod look. Expect polished black shoes or boots, straight-cut trousers or jeans with a high ankle style revealing white cotton socks coupled with combinations of button down shirts with skinny ties and braces, polo shirts. The singers may also sport trilby hats and wayfarer sunglasses too!

4) Do your Ska Tribute Bands bring all their own equipment?

ANSWER: Some of our acts may have their own PA as well as the instruments they play and the amplification they use. But for larger events- and larger bands- you really should hire a PA company to handle the band’s sound- or have us do that for you.

5) What time will the ska band arrive before the event?

ANSWER: At least 1 hour before the start of their first performance, but earlier if they need to also set up their own PA.

6) Do your Ska Tribute Bands provide recorded music between and before sets?

ANSWER: If they bring their own PA systems you can request that they do this. But, please also provide playlists on a phone or tablet that can be plugged into their sound system. Alternatively, we can provide reggae DJs and Sound Systems, so please check out

7) How loud will your Ska Tribute Bands be?

ANSWER: As quiet as you’d like them to be as they are professionals. But if you’d like them to play louder they won’t be able to do so any more than the amplification equipment they are using. Please note that you shouldn't expect a ska or indeed any tribute band you hire from us to play at a background volume level!

8) Are Ska Tribute Bands good for dancing to?

ANSWER: Absolutely, which is why they should not be used for ‘background’ performances. They’re job is to fill up the dance floor!

9) How long does a Ska Tribute Band play for?

ANSWER: Anything between 1 hour and 2 hours total performance time is typical, but it's best you decide yourself what times you would like. Because they will be playing songs from a variety of different artists, their performance is suited to breaking up into different sets.

10) Will a Ska Tribute Band require refreshments?

ANSWER: In our experience good hospitality always reaps rewards for our clients. Musicians always perform better- and ‘go the extra mile’- for clients who treat them generously! However, it’s best to check beforehand for any special dietary requirements.