Salsa Act FAQs

Your questions about the hire of Salsa bands & dancers answered!

Salsa Act FAQs1) If I hire a salsa act like a band or dancers, what sort of music will I hear?

ANSWER: Salsa music, mainly! Salsa music is a Latin American dance music genre that initially arose from the Puerto Rican and Cuban communities in New York City during the 1960s. It’s a fusion of various Cuban musical genres that include son, cha cha chá and mambo along with the jazz influences of New York. Salsa literally means ‘sauce’ which informs us that it is a combination of ingredients. And a very spicy sauce it is, indeed!

2) What constitutes a professional salsa act in the UK?

ANSWER: Any of the salsa bands or salsa dancers that's an act available to hire in the UK. Even so, they must be playing or dancing to salsa music authentically! A fully live, authentic salsa band includes several percussion players, several horn players plus a singer, piano and bass player. An 8-piece would be the smallest option for a fully live band. However, here in the UK, many smaller Latin-American function bands who may be Mexican or Brazilian have also emerged who play this music too. They do this by using some element of backing tracks. They also play great Latin American popular music including merengue and reggaeton which will be more familiar to UK audiences.

3) Will salsa bands need me to provide a PA at my event?

ANSWER: The smaller bands are more likely to be self-contained and bring their own small PA to your event. A full-size band is more likely to have to hire a PA company to do the sound for them- or have you do that.

4) How long do salsa bands perform for?

ANSWER: Quite often they are asked to perform 2 x 45 minute sets, but other performance options are available.

5) Do salsa bands have salsa dancers also?

ANSWER: Most salsa bands have salsa dancers they prefer to work with and can supply them for you. They often provide them at a cheaper rate than it would cost you to book salsa dancers yourself.

6) Can I just have Salsa Dancers dancing to backing tracks?

ANSWER: Salsa dancers often prefer to perform to their own recorded backing tracks and you can hire them separately and independently or alongside a salsa band.

7) If I just want to book salsa dancers, how many should I book?

ANSWER: Salsa is danced in couples, so two is the minimum you can hire. However, the more pairs you book the more spectacular the show you will get. This is because costume changes aren’t really possible with only one salsa dance couple.

8) Do salsa bands and salsa dancers wear costumes?

ANSWER: Salsa culture is very flamboyant and bands and especially dancers will perform in colourful and eye-catching salsa costumes.

9) If I hire a salsa act will its performance be interactive ie. is there any audience participation?

ANSWER: Salsa and merengue are really great fun to dance to and we have great bands who will really want to fill your dance floor. Also, our personable salsa dancers will always encourage salsa dance workshops and fun audience involvement!

10) Is my event suitable for a salsa performance?

ANSWER: Salsa performances are effective in nightclubs, bars, ballrooms, restaurants, and  any outdoor event. It is so international it does not need your event to be tropically themed in any way to be successful.