Reggae Band Hire FAQs

Your questions about the hire of Reggae Bands answered!

Reggae Band photo1) What sort of reggae band can I hire?

ANSWER: Reggae band hire FAQs do normally start with this question. To clarify, we define a reggae band as a band that specialises in playing reggae well. But reggae itself has many different styles. These include Ska, Bluebeat, Rock Steady, Roots, Dub, Lovers Rock, Ragga and Dancehall - to name just the most famous. So you will need to check that the reggae band you're choosing to hire is going to play the kinds of reggae you like best.

2) Can any reggae band play my favourite songs?

ANSWER: Some reggae bands only play their own original music, but the ones we provide play covers of famous reggae songs, some of which have been hits performed in other genres. Reggae style playing can be done on most music and reggae musicians will love the challenge of playing your songs in their style!

3) Are all reggae bands from Jamaica?

ANSWER: The music is from Jamaica, but most of our bands are populated mainly by musicians and singers who were born in the UK of Caribbean parentage. So they can additionally offer other entertainment styles from the Caribbean. However, many white English players are huge fans of the music and also specialise in playing it exceptionally well. The two most famous reggae bands of musicians of all time are the very authentic Jamaicans, Bob Marley and The Wailers, and arguably the far less authentic Brummies, UB40. Both were from very different origins!

4) Do reggae bands bring all their own equipment?

ANSWER: For smaller events our bands will bring their own PA. This would be used principally for their vocals. They would, of course, also bring the instruments they play and the amplification they use. But for large events you really should hire a PA company to handle the band’s sound. Fortunately, we can guide you on that. This is because we have great contacts whose services will be a lot cheaper if we recommend them.

5) What time will the band arrive before the event?

ANSWER: At least 1 hour before the start of their first performance, but earlier if they need to also set up their own PA.

6) Does the band provide recorded music between and before sets?

ANSWER: Yes, and ideally you should also ask them to also provide a DJ that can do this for you. Few clients want the responsibility of providing playlists and the phone or tablet that they'll need to plug into the band's sound system. For more info and reggae band hire FAQs answered on reggae DJs and Sound Systems, please explore

7) How loud will the band be?

ANSWER: They will play as quietly as you’d like them to because they are professionals. But if you’d like them to play louder they won’t be able to do so any more than the amplification equipment they are using.

8) What will the band wear?

ANSWER: Reggae is generally quite ‘street’ and deliberately not at all showbiz in its look. Some of our bands, however, can and do wear costumes that complement a formal event more than others do. A great example of this would be the wedding band that plays reggae-pop covers called "We Be Jammin'!".

9) How long can I hire a reggae band to play for?

ANSWER: It's typical for a reggae band to play for between one and two hours. However, it's best you decide yourself what times you would like. We can then send you a contract that will specify those times for your benefit- and that of your chosen band.

10) Will the band require refreshments?

ANSWER: Good hospitality always reaps rewards for our clients in our experience. Musicians always perform better and ‘go the extra mile’ for clients who treat them generously!