Open Mic Jazz FAQs

Your questions about the hire of an Open Mic Jazz band answered!

Open Mic Jazz singer1) What do I get when I hire Open Mic Jazz?

ANSWER: An open mic or open mike (from the expression "open microphone") jazz show is a live show with a difference. A big difference because audience members are given the opportunity to perform or 'jam' alongside the house band.

2) How big a band is your flagship Mister PC & Friends Open Mic Jazz Band?

ANSWER: Our basic band is a 4-piece consisting of piano, bass, and drums with Mister PC as host and singer. However, you can hire additional Open Mic jazz musicians, such as a saxophone or trumpet player as well.

3) How long is this performance?

ANSWER: 90 minutes or 2 x 45 minute sets, normally- but it’s jazz and the musicians are not clock-watchers!

4) Do guests need to audition?

ANSWER: No. All levels are welcome as are all instruments- it’s not just singers we cater for.

5) Do guests have to prepare anything in advance?

ANSWER: They don’t have to, but the best performances will come from guests who know their songs and don’t have to read anything while they perform. Knowing the name of your tune, the key you perform it in and the tempo you like is always very helpful. It also saves a lot of time and helps to avoid performances getting too 'karaoke'. Or even 'jazzaoke'. Our musicians are top-notch jazz players and will help even the least well-prepared guest, but long preparation time before a song starts may get the crowd feeling a little impatient.

6) May my guests use the band’s instruments?

ANSWER: Yes, as long as they treat them with the respect they would afford their own property. For obvious health and safety reasons, we would have to make an exception for any wind instruments- and we will also disinfect the shared microphone for each change of vocal performance.

7) What will Mister PC’s role be?

ANSWER: With his piano trio, Mister PC will perform his own choice of Rat Pack and Great American Songbook tunes with some Smooth, World or Global Jazz selections- avoiding those tunes that guests have chosen to sing later. He will then turn host by opening up the mic to your guests joining in the fun- singing or playing any one of the songs from the band’s 1000-plus repertoire! He will, of course, be introducing all the guests and helping them to have a wonderful experience performing with a great supportive professional band.

8) Does a list of guests and their chosen tunes need to be sent?

ANSWER: Yes, this is ideal. Not only does this get everyone prepared well for this experience, but it also gets your guests excited days before in anticipation of it!

9) How ‘different’ is Mister PC & Friends Open Mic Jazz as a live show I can hire?

ANSWER: It’s popular in pubs and clubs, but unique to private parties. Your guests will have a party experience that will live long in the memory!

10) Is Mister PC ’s Open Mic Jazz band only capable of playing jazz?

ANSWER: No. They will be capable of playing other styles of music that are also considered a part of jazz- like Blues or Swing- or are related to it like World or Global Jazz. Jazz is a very broad umbrella!