Hawaiian Hula Dancers Hire FAQs

Your questions about the hire of Hawaiian Hula dancers answered!

Lei Aloha dancers1) Who are your Hawaiian Hula Dancers?

ANSWER: We have excellent hula dancers you can hire from a company called Lei Aloha. We have been  representing two generations of these beautiful and talented women over the last 20 years. Their girls dress in a variety of authentic Polynesian costumes many of which are specifically Hawaiian.  They then expertly dance all the traditional island dances. We do have other Polynesian groups as well who exhibit the same level of beautiful smiling hospitality associated with Hawaai. This provides the perfect welcome for any event.

2) What are their origins?

ANSWER: Lei Aloha's dancers are principally from the Philippines, so they are Pacific Islanders. The look of the Hawaiian Hula Dancers may be very important to you in terms of ethnicity. In that case, we will do our best to meet those demands and be frank about any limitations in that respect. Ultimately there are many lovely UK dancers you can hire who dance Hawaiian styles very well who we can also recommend.

3) Are they suitable for local community events in the UK?

ANSWER: Generally speaking, local communities have enough of their own groups who enjoy costuming themselves. They can make or hire their own grass skirts to make fun amateur attempts at Hawaiian costuming. If you require professionals to teach people how to dance hula properly, however, you can hire our hula dancers to conduct some really great workshops.

4) Are Hawaiian Hula Dancers suitable for corporate events?

ANSWER: Yes, they are very effective in ‘breaking the ice’ at corporate events. This can be said in particular of formal black tie affairs which might otherwise be a little ‘stuffy’!

5) Will Hawaiian Hula Dancers require dressing rooms?

ANSWER:  Yes, and the warmer the better. The costumes they wear suit the somewhat balmier climate of Hawaii much better! Our dancers will need to change into their costumes and do their make up on arrival. It’s also advisable that their dressing room is close to their performance staging area. This will help them to make costume changes more easily during your event.

6) Are all Hawaiian Hula Dancers female?

ANSWER: Ours definitely are. Men in grass skirts doing the hula is the comedy act we don’t have on our books, I’m afraid.

7) Can Hawaiian Hula Dancers perform to music?

ANSWER: Yes, they do and music is very important for their performance. This music can be recorded material, but live music is best!

8) What bands best complement Hawaiian Hula Dancers?

ANSWER: Our Hawaiian Hula UK Players would be ideal as they have a lot of experience of backing our hula girls with authentic Hawaiian music. However, our dancers most often perform to their own backing tracks and if your event is more generally ‘tropical’ in its theme you might prefer a livelier style of band to complement the dancers- like a Caribbean steel band.

9) Are Hawaiian Hula Dancers interactive with their audiences?

ANSWER: Yes there is always a fun audience participation element to their shows and of course, their meet and greet welcomes are very smiley and interactive.

10) Who makes Hawaiian Hula costumes?

ANSWER: Lei Aloha’s manager is also their costume maker and choreographer and has been in the business of supplying first class Hawaiian Hula performances for the past 40 years.