1) When I hire Masquerade Carnival Dancers who and what will I get?

ANSWER: They are a collective of performers who wear extravagant carnival costumes. They then parade and dance freestyle at an event in a form of street theatre. This can be done at an indoor event or in a street parade or Carnival.

2) What are their origins?

ANSWER: Carnival. Which is that Western Christian festive season that occurs before Lent in some countries. Our Masquerade Carnival Dancers draw their inspiration from both Brazil and Trinidad Carnival.

3) Are they suitable for local community events in the UK?

ANSWER: Generally speaking local communities normally have enough of their own groups who enjoy costuming themselves for their own community carnival parades. However, if you require more extravagant costumes from countries that have a stronger carnival culture than the UK- which has no pre-Lenten carnival at all- our Masquerade Carnival Dancers won’t let you down!

4) Are Masquerade Carnival Dancers suitable for corporate events?

ANSWER: Yes, they mostly perform for these events as a form of entertainment that has a big visual impact and may often be used to meet and greet guests and augment other performers like bands and limbo dancers.

5) Will Masquerade Carnival Dancers require dressing rooms?

ANSWER:  Yes, most definitely. The costumes they wear are often delicate and expensive. Hence, our dancers will need to change into them and do their make up on arrival.

6) Are all Masquerade Carnival Dancers female?

ANSWER: Clients do tend to more often require us to provide female dancers. However, we do have male Carnival Dancers you can hire, as well.

7) Can Masquerade Carnival Dancers perform to music?

ANSWER: Yes, they do and music is very important for their performance. This music can be recorded material, but live music is best!

8) What bands best complement Masquerade Carnival Dancers?

ANSWER: A Brazilian-style bateria like World Beat Samba or a steel band like PRN Steel Drummers.

9) Are Masquerade Carnival Dancers authentic?

ANSWER: Yes the designers and performers’ heritage is either in Brazil or Trinidad.

10) Who makes the costumes?

ANSWER: The costume design and construction is normally the brainchild of one designer. However,  a whole team is needed to carry out his or her vision. You can book our Masquerade Carnival Dancers to perform in costumes they have already performed in before. Equally, it is also possible to book them for a bespoke performance in bespoke costumes.