Caribbean Jazz Acts Hire FAQs

Your questions about the hire of Caribbean Jazz Acts answered!

Caribbean Jazz player1) What music do I get when I hire Caribbean Jazz?

ANSWER: Caribbean Jazz is the product of when jazz melodies, harmonies and improvisation are fused with Caribbean instrumentation or rhythms. A great example would be the Trinidadian trumpet player, Etienne Charles.

2) What rhythms will I hear from your Caribbean Jazz bands?

ANSWER: Ska, reggae and calypso to name but three. Calypso is a cousin of Latin American music so there is an element of Latin Jazz in this genre. But jazzy funky rhythms will also be heard on familiar Caribbean songs by bands such as Cantaloupe Island.

3) How big is a Caribbean Jazz band?

ANSWER: We can offer soloists and duos that play great music within this genre but you will need to book a band- which is a minimum of 3 musicians- to include a live drummer which is very important if you’d like your guests to dance.

4) How authentic is a Caribbean Jazz band?

ANSWER: It’s often the players that have some Caribbean heritage who have the correct rhythmic feel for this music- but not exclusively so!

5) Who is the most famous musician who plays this music?

ANSWER: Without a doubt, Monty Alexander is the jazz pianist who is most celebrated for his work in this area. Please check out a fine example here.

6) Is Caribbean Jazz all-instrumental music?

ANSWER: No, guest vocalists are also available and it would be wise to include them if you want someone to help get the audience up and dancing!

7) Would Caribbean Jazz be suitable for my wedding?

ANSWER: Many couples automatically think of steel bands when they want to include live Caribbean music on their big day. Equally, some might hire a Caribbean Jazz alternative as a great- and even cooler- alternative.

8) Will Caribbean Jazz bands need me to provide a sound system?

ANSWER: No, they will arrive at your event fully self-contained!

9) Will Caribbean Jazz bands play song requests?

ANSWER: Yes, but only the ones they know! Our professional Caribbean Jazz players know hundreds of songs, but it is always better to make requests before the date of your event.

10) Are Caribbean Jazz bands interactive with their audiences?

ANSWER: For some people the very word ‘jazz’ evokes an idea that the music played might be high brow and elitist played by musicians who are aloof and playing for themselves. Our Caribbean jazz bands are the entire opposite of that - and will be out to entertain you- and ideally make you dance!