Bob Marley Tribute Acts Hire FAQs

Your questions about the hire of Bob Marley Tribute Acts answered!

Reggae Band in action1) What is a Bob Marley tribute act and how big is it?

ANSWER: We will hire you Bob Marley tribute acts that will always include a male singer who performs Bob Marley’s songs. Some of these are live bands of various sizes with the largest of them including female backing singers who emulate Marley’s ‘I-Threes’ and even horn players. The smallest are solo acts that perform to backing tracks or play guitar instead for an  acoustic ‘unplugged’ sound.

2) Will your tribute act play my favourite Bob Marley songs?

ANSWER: Yes, any Bob Marley or Bob Marley & The Wailers tribute act we provide will only play songs made famous by Bob Marley and will let you know its set list in advance, on request.

3) Are all your Bob Marley tribute acts authentic?

ANSWER: Your ears and your eyes will ultimately be the best judge of whether any act looks or sounds authentically like the artist, but our publicity will accurately show you what to expect.

4) Are your Bob Marley tribute acts available to hire with all their own equipment?

ANSWER: For smaller events our acts may have their own PA as well as the instruments they play and the amplification they use. But for larger events you really should hire a PA company to handle the band’s sound- and we can guide you on that.

5) What time will the act arrive before the event?

ANSWER: At least 1 hour before the start of their first performance, but earlier if they need to also set up their own PA.

6) Do your Bob Marley Tribute Acts provide recorded music between and before sets?

ANSWER: If they bring their own PA systems you can request that they do this. You can also provide playlists on a phone or tablet that can be plugged into their sound system. Alternatively, we can provide reggae DJs and Sound Systems, so please check out

7) How loud will your Bob Marley Tribute Acts be?

ANSWER: As quiet as you’d like them to be as they are professionals. But if you’d like them to play louder they won’t be able to do so any more than the amplification equipment they are using.

8) What will the act wear?

ANSWER: Bob Marley & The Wailers’ performance look is very ‘denim’ which is quite ‘street’ in a 70’s kind of way. Expect some Rastafarian, Jamaican and ‘Back to Africa’ iconography, but nothing too ‘showbiz’ costume-wise. Please don't expect the band to dress in a way that conforms to the stereotypes people have of other Caribbean artists.

9) How long does the band play for?

ANSWER: Anything between 1 hour and 90 minutes total performance time is typical of most of our tribute acts. Nevertheless, it's best you decide yourself what times you would like. However, it’s best to consider not breaking the performance into sets unless your Bob Marley Tribute Acthas also been asked to perform other material aside from Bob Marley’s songs.

10) Will the band require refreshments?

ANSWER: Ideally, yes, but please be aware that vegan food is the best choice for these bands and that for Rastafarians pork should most definitely be off the menu!