1) What is a Mexican mariachi band?

ANSWER: A Mexican Mariachi band is a group of musicians and singers from Mexico who are called ‘mariachi’ individually and play Mexican folk music.


2) What are the origins of mariachi music?

ANSWER: Mariachi came from the Jalisco area of Mexico and modern day versions are descended from the traditional 19th century wedding musicians of Mexico who played this music that was heavily influenced by the folk music of colonial rulers, France and Spain.


3) What instruments does a Mariachi band play?

ANSWER: Several, which include violin and trumpet in the larger groups of more than 5 musicians. In the smaller groups a minimum requirement would be the two guitar-like instruments called the vihuela and the guitarron.


4) Do Mariachi acts wear costumes?

ANSWER: Yes- and their costume is very specific. They are matching suits- or trajes- that are heavily embroidered and adorned with silver and gold with Mexican hats that are internationally famous. Visually, a Mariachi band is one of the most striking looking bands you can ever hire.


5) Are Mariachi bands popular in the UK?

ANSWER: Yes, very popular. The tv advertisement campaign for Doritos that was aired around 10 years ago was instrumental in promoting Mariachi bands.


6) Is all Mariachi music happy?

ANSWER: Mariachi lyrics which are sung in Spanish can express sadness, joy, pain and excitement. Quite often within the same song.


7) Do Mariachi bands play requests?

ANSWER: It’s very much within the tradition of Mariachi to play requests, but in the past these would have been for the songs amongst the hundreds of famous Mexican folk songs. Because of the Doritos ads which feature Mariachi playing English language pop songs and draw comedy from the incongruity of that, many UK clients request songs that are similar.


7) Are Mariachi bands amplified?

ANSWER: Mariachi bands don’t need any amplification, but if they are a small band and playing and singing entirely unplugged, they may only be heard by people sitting at a table close to where they are performing. For louder performance requirements- on stage and in concert, for instance- they will normally use amplification that they carry themselves for audiences numbering no more than 150.


8) Are Mariachi bands mobile?

ANSWER: Yes, our mariachi bands can be- and are an excellent strolling musical walkabout act that can serenade you at your event.


9) Are Mariachi bands suitable for my event?

ANSWER: Our mariachi bands are typically hired for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and funerals as their style is so friendly and personal.


10) Are your Mariachi bands authentic?

ANSWER: Mariachi is not just Mexican, it is a whole way of life and our mariachi bands are entirely authentic.