1) What is Hawaiian music?

ANSWER: The music of Hawaii that we represent is the traditional Hawaiian folk music that was popularized in the US in the last century. This music includes chanting (mele) but we feature more the music that was intended for highly ritualized dance- which is called ‘hula’. This music is characterised by gentle rhythms and poetic lyrics that celebrate island life.

2) What instruments are typical of Hawaiian Hula UK Players and bands?

ANSWER: Their trademark instrumentation includes ukulele which is Hawaiian music’s ultimate symbol and is synonymous with island aloha. However, the steel guitar which is played on the lap and was invented by a Hawaiian teenager named Joseph Kekuku, is also typical- and perhaps more influential because it has influenced various genres of American music as diverse as Country, Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

3) Will my party’s guests want to dance to a Hawaiian band?

ANSWER: They may want to- but although they may have some idea of the hand movements- they are most likely to require some training from our professional Hula Dancers! It’s rare that the Hawaiian Hula UK Players are hired without our Hula Dancers, but when they are they’re usually used to play background reception music rather than music for dancing.

4) What events would best feature a Hawaiian band?

ANSWER: Any private or corporate party that is Hawaiian or Tiki-themed in terms of its decor. Likewise a general tropical theme may also be very suitable to support its performance.

5) Can I request a song from your Hula UK Players?

ANSWER: Yes, but we cannot guarantee that the song you require is deemed suitable by the bandleader if it falls outside the typical repertoire of a Hawaiian Hula band- or that an additional cost might not be involved.

6) Are there soloist options from your Hawaiian Hula UK players?

ANSWER: We have an excellent solo ukulele player who sings and who we highly recommend.

7) Do your Hawaiian Hula UK bands require a lot of space for their performance?

ANSWER: No more than 1.5m x 1.5m is required for each musician- plus maybe another 2 square metres for their sound equipment.

8) Are all the Hawaiian Hula UK Players’ musicians male?

ANSWER: Predominantly so, I’m afraid- with all-female dancers being the norm.

9) Do your Hula UK Players play as a mobile unit rather than just in a staging area?

ANSWER: A strolling ukulele player who sings is currently the only mobile option we are able to offer, I’m afraid.

10) Would a Hawaiian Hula band be good for my event if I want audience participation?

ANSWER: They don’t offer workshops on their instruments, so audience participation at your event would be best sought elsewhere- ideally, a Hawaiian hula dancer!