1) What Brazilian Musical Acts are available for my event?

ANSWER: Here is a list of what we can provide:

  1. i) A bossa nova duo playing and singing your favourite songs in a classic samba-jazz style that is perfect for drinks receptions.
  2. ii) A samba bateria which is an exciting marching drum band with a big impact.

iii) A full samba band playing the modern samba, lambada and reggaeton fused with reggae, zouk and funk.


2) What Brazilian Dance Acts are available for my event?

ANSWER: Here is a list of what we can provide:

  1. i) Beautiful carnival dancers with hot bodies in fabulous costumes dancing the samba in a parade with a bateria or independently with their own samba music.
  2. ii) ‘Tonhao do Pandeiro’ (The Tambourine Show) – which features a very entertaining fellow who dances whilst playing and juggling a tambourine. A brilliant solo floor show.

iii) Capoeira performers who athletically demonstrate this unique but elegant art form that fuses dance with martial arts.


3) Will a samba band need me to provide a PA at my event?

ANSWER: All our samba bands are self-contained and bring their own small PA to your event. Bigger shows for more than 150 guests will still benefit from having a dedicated PA company being hired to manage the sound on the night.


4) How long do samba bands perform for?

ANSWER: Quite often they are asked to perform 2 x 45 minute sets, but other performance options are available.


5) Do samba bands have samba dancers also?

ANSWER: Our samba bands offer the full range of complementary Brazilian acts in different sized packages.


6) Can I just book Brazilian Carnival Dancers dancing to backing tracks?

ANSWER: Yes, of course. We provide all of our Brazilian acts separately as well as part of a package and understand that sometimes budget will dictate how large a Brazilian entertainment package a client can book.


7) Do your Brazilian acts all wear costumes?

ANSWER: Our Brazilian artists will all perform in some of the most flamboyant and colourful costumes you’ve ever seen- bringing you all the visual excitement of carnival in Rio De Janeiro!


8) Is my event suitable for a performance by one of your Brazilian acts?

ANSWER: If your event is Rio Carnival-themed it will be most suited to booking a large package of our Brazilian acts, but if it isn’t it may be more suited to booking just one or two.


9) Are your Brazilian acts authentic?

ANSWER: Yes, we provide musicians and dancers that perform professionally- the majority of which are genuinely born in Brazil.


10) Is there any audience participation with Brazilian acts? 

ANSWER: A modern samba band will play music that’s easy and great fun to dance to and will really want to fill your dance floor. Also, our samba dancers will dance with you on the party dance floor or lead you all in a conga parade!