1) What is a Bollywood Act here in the UK?

ANSWER: A Bollywood act should be any act that references the Hindi film industry, often known as Bollywood based in Mumbai (formerly Bombay). In practice, however, it is the Bollywood musicals, specifically, that are really the inspiration for these acts in the UK.


2) What are Bollywood Dancers?

ANSWER: Our Bollywood Dancers are a dance company that vividly represents all the vibrancy, colour and movement of dance sequences in Bollywood movies- just maybe with less dancers!


3) Is Bollywood dancing traditional or contemporary?

ANSWER: It’s not a case of either or. Our Bollywood dancers do both- and a lot in-between.


4) Do they dance to traditional music or Bollywood music?

ANSWER: They only dance to popular Bollywood hits!


5) Can I request a dance to a particular Bollywood hit?

ANSWER: Yes, but our Bollywood dancers will need time to choreograph and rehearse it – so plenty of notice is necessary.


6) How long do your Bollywood dancers perform for?

ANSWER: Their performance sets are normally 15 minutes each, but can be as short or as long as you want to suit your event.


7) Do your Bollywood dancers  perform in costume?

ANSWER: They perform in a range of Bollywood-style costumes which are stunning and certainly have that wow-factor for your guests!


8) Are all your Bollywood dancers female?

ANSWER: No we also have male dancers- especially for contemporary performances where Bollywood music is fused with more modern street styles like breakdancing and hip-hop.


9) Do you have any live Bollywood musicians?

ANSWER: We have several great bands that are Indian musically, but quite distinct from one another- and we can let you decide if they are ‘Bollywood’ enough for your party!


10) Are Bollywood acts good for my event if I want audience participation?

ANSWER: Yes, our Bollywood dancers are trained teachers who run a lot of workshops in schools so they always get their audience involved in clapping, singing- and, of course, dancing at any event, be it your wedding, party or corporate shindig!