African Artists

Please use the booking page for enquiries about any of the following acts.

African Drummers & Dancers

Majuba - Zulu Drummers, Dancers & Choirs - click for more

Majuba - Zulu Drummers, Dancers & Choirs

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Kaagô - Exciting drumming and dancing from the Ivory Coast

Brekete - Fine Ghanaian dance troupe

African Dance Bands

Boombaya - click for more

Boombaya - Featuring Ghana's most renowned guitarist

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Abdelkader Saadoun - click for more

Abdelkader Saadoun - highly talented multi-instumentalist

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Alafia - click for more

Alafia - a direct mix of traditional skills and sounds

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Skokiaan - One of Paul Simon's fave flaves- high octane township jive from South Africa.

King Masco - Masco always knows how to put on a show to get the crowd jumping!


The Black Eagles - An excellent Tanzanian trio from Dar-Es-Salaam

Theming Stuff

Unsurprisingly, we know the best suppliers for the tropical themes which our artists have as a backdrop to at least 50% of the work they do! We'll put you in touch with the best people for the job.