1) What part of Africa are your acrobats from?

ANSWER: The tradition of acrobatics in Africa is as old as the tradition of African dance and so its heritage is from prehistoric times and it would be impossible to identify any part of Africa as being a place of origin. Our acrobats are mostly- but not exclusively- from East and West African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.


2) How many African acrobats should I hire for an authentic performance?

ANSWER: For group work, the more acrobats you hire the better. Certain acrobatic formations like pyramids ideally require a minimum of 5 performers, but a lot of African acrobatic groups perform in groups of 3 – or even duos for mix and mingle styled performances. We guarantee that any size group will be authentic.


3) What acrobatic skills are typical for African Acrobats?

ANSWER: Tumbling, hoop diving, plate spinning, bowl and hat juggling and (surprisingly) the Trinidadian art of  limbo are all typical. If Health & Safety will allow it they also like performing with fire.


4) How much space is required for an African acrobatic performance?

ANSWER: This will depend on the size of your venue, the size of the audience and the size of the acrobatic troupe that you’ve booked. But with all that information we will provide some clear advice for each performance.


5) How much set-up time do African Acrobats need before their start time?

ANSWER: Their props are small and mobile, so no more than 5 minutes is needed for set-up, but we make it a policy for them to be ready to perform 30 minutes before a client has scheduled them to.


6) Do African Acrobatic troupes wear traditional costumes?

ANSWER: They always wear uniform costumes and unless you specify otherwise that will always be traditional or Africa-themed. If, however, you require them to wear a specific tribal costume like Zulu or Bantu it would be best you did let us know first.


7) Are these African acrobatic groups both men and women?

ANSWER: They are likely to be all-male and any female performers included will be subject to availability.


8) Do these African acrobats perform to music?

ANSWER: They do prefer to perform to recorded backing music and generally speaking will have modern African music like soukous or high-life on their phones or tablets to plug into whatever amplification system a venue can provide. However, they can carry a small portable battery-powered unit themselves for a street-busking styled performance, if so required


9) Is an African Acrobatic act a comedy act?

ANSWER: What’s ‘funny’ is in the eyes of the beholder, but there is always a comedic element to African acrobatic shows many of which have been adapted from shows provided to tourists in African holiday hotels. However, no African Acrobat troupe can be described as a comedy act per se.


10) Is there any audience participation?

ANSWER: An African Acrobatic show is interactive and individual audience members will be invited to ‘assist’- which will delight the rest of the audience. Where Health & Safety rules will allow audience members may also be invited to do less perilous acrobatic activities such as limbo. Workshops- where guests can learn some basic circus skills- are also always available from these African acrobatic groups.